The best Dubai Expo 2020 projects

Dubai will host the world’s biggest event this year, Expo 2020. Therefore, the city is busy in preparation for it. Constructors and municipality are working hard to make the star must-visit for all entrepreneurs. That’s the reason why they are building so many hotels and centres. Some of them are breathtaking. According to local news of UAE, few of those impeccable places are:

Aladdin City: In the middle of The Dubai, Dubai Municipality is constructing Aladdin City. The site has three towers which will look like the towers of old mystical story, written in Arabian Nights. There will be three interconnected towers in the city that would provide and hotels and commercial space. The Aladdin City has air-conditioned passages, lifts, floors, bridges that connect three towers. The site will cover 450 meters of area.

Jewel of the Creek: If you crave to experience luxuriousness utterly, then Jewel of Creek is for you. Jewel of Creek consists of 19 storey building, recreation centers, office towers, five star hotels and convention centers. There will be three and two office towers and hotels respectively while convention center will have ball room. Jewel of Creek is being constructed between the Floating Bridge, All Maktoum Bridge and Baniyas Road. The Municipality is going to $816 million dollars on it. However, it is expected that the sites will work for Dubai and give city large sum of money.

All Habtoor City: Dubai knows that it is tourists’ favorite spot and it is working on its roads and hotels to make it the most favorite place of everyone on this Expo. That’s the reason why Dubai is spending $3 billion to construct Al Habtoor City. Al Habtoor City will be constructed on 10 million square foot plot at Sheikh Zayed Road. The city will have three residential towers and high-octane hotels. The hotels will be managed by Resorts Worldwide and Starwood Hotels. Al Habtoor City will have luxurious dining area, French garden, Las Vegas like aqua theatre and Bentley café. According to construction news of UAE, it will be the first Bentley café in the city.

Dubai Frame: If you have not seen Dubai Frame, then you have seen nothing! The frame let the viewers to see Old Dubai, on one side, and New Dubai, on the other. The frame is in Zabeel Park. There are two 150 m long towers in the park which are connected by 100 m long bridge. This connection turn towers into Dubai Frame. The authority has spent $43.5 million on this project.