Quick guide to creating murals

We know the boredom has strike and walls seem to be closing in on you but this does not have to be the case as you can instantly update the walls with a simple yet appealing mural which you will surely love. Even though villa interior design are not here to guide you, you can still get started with it and then later on add the professional touches. Here are some tips to get you through:

  • Use readymade murals

One of the easiest ways to achieve a professional design is by choosing a ready made mural sticker which can be put up and peeled off easily. You will simply choose the design, put in dimensions of your wall and it will be delivered. Don’t aim to sticking those yourself because it will surely be a mess as it is the job of two people.

  • Choose bigger and brighter

Not a lot of people like big bold paints and designs in their rooms especially when the room is small. This is a wrong habit as big and bold paints will surely brighten up the view of the room and make the wall its focal point. It will give a lively feeling and a striking impression without making it feel overwhelming.

  • Own your walls

We have all been mesmerized by the huge portraits of people and their faces painted across the walls and it makes us wonder if we can also do the same? Well, here is your chance. Now that you are in a lockdown and no one comes to your house, you can blow up the huge portrait of yourself and experiment with it what you feel about it. If you fall in love with yourself keep it up, if not then paint it away.

  • Accessorize your murals

Even though murals themselves look pretty mesmerizing but this doesn’t mean that you can leave them at that. Accessorize it and bring in some Dubai Interior Designer to coordinate with your interiors and you will be shocked to see the beauty which it brings to your home. Add some frames, wall clocks, shelves or any such accessory and you won’t feel like leaving home even after the quarantine ends.

The basic idea here is to keep yourself busy, so don’t worry about ruining walls because that can always be fixed later.