Top 4 books on Urban Planning

Here are some books for future urban planners, who desire to work in construction project management Dubai, to read and learn something about their field. 

The 271 pages long book has numerous essays and blogs on urbanism and architecture that cover the topic of designing a bedroom, stores, and underground drains. Geoff Manaugh has mentioned about the sound of tectonic plates which could be predicted if urban planning if companies hire urban planners. The writer mentioned about un-architectural or unplanned places and their outcomes. There are essays in the book that relates film, literature, meteorology, futurism and urban planning with each other. Hence, the BLDGBLOG book is a must to keep on the shelf. 

Cities for People:
If you want a book that gives details about the impact of the city on people then gives practicalities and case study to tell about the importance of making models with the help of analysis in such a way that it would glue your eyes, then Jan Gehl’s Cities for People is made for you! The physicians have discussed numerous theories and ideologies in the book. Although he rejected to follow many of them, Jan wrote about the implication of planning on the health sector and environment to guide the readers more about the importance of urban planning in 288 pages. 

Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time
Jeff Speck, the advertiser at the Planetizen website, tells the readers what do urban planners and architecture know about designing and he also tells them how American designers have planned the downtowns of the US. According to Jeff, the planners have not increased the livability and earning of the city with their designs. He reasoned that walkability is not changed positively; therefore, wealth and lifestyle is not encouraged. At the end of the book, the writers give ten tips to increase walkability. 

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City
Mathew Desmond gives firsthand evidence of the lives of residents and landlords at Milwaukee who are living in marginalization and suffering due to financial ruin and laws that allow them a few things only. Although Evicted lacks analysis and statistics, it is a compilation of stories that could make policymakers to work Milwaukee and make the place better. The book is 432 pages long that can melt the heart of readers with heart-wrenching stories of poor and pauper of slum areas.  

So, read these books focused on a feasibility study in UAE and be able to design outstanding places!