How to Become a Marriage Counselor

There was a study done by global economic department that in every 10 seconds around the world, someone gets married and in every 30 seconds around the world, someone might be getting a divorce. There is no marriage that doesn’t have a fight and if this stress and tension between the couple increases, and everyone must try to save their marriage after all this is a forever bond that in both are required to take steps to save a marriage and that is why there are marriage counsellors. Since every 10 seconds people are getting married and that means that there is a need of marriage counsellors sooner or later.

Another study done by the global economic development that a freshly grad marriage counsellor makes 57,000 AED per year and a pro marriage counsellor makes 250,000 AED per year which means that both the marriage counsellors are fixing a lot of marriage every day of the whole year. To start a career, first, you have to get a degree in psychology in the college or university and in school, you have to get a degree of social sciences, sociology, human development or in family science. If you have achieved any of this degree in the school, then you can do masters in:

  • Psychology.
  • Social work.
  • Marriage.
  • Family therapy.
  • Counselling.

If you get of these degrees in the master’s level now is the time to get the license of your own to open a legal clinic. To get a license, you need to pass an exam, and that exam is off MFT which is a short for Examination in Marital and Family Therapy. This license exam needs another two years of your study in or you must have done the credits of the above the subjects. You can get family counselling in Dubai and you can hire any German psychologist in Dubai.

Then you must register yourself with the National Board of Certified Counsellors (NBCC). To renew this license, you have to get additional workshops and you have to attend professional conferences that will allow you to obtain Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). Please note that you must only choose a college or a university that is affiliated with Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education and with the American Association or Marriage and Family Therapy.