The different standards of papers available

The different standards of papers available

A4 paper is an old variant of white printing paper which is mostly utilized for publishing and printing official documents and is usually given in bulk in corporate giveaways in Dubai. Such paper is measured in terms of a hundred centimeter or one-hundredth of mm.

Paper size standards generally govern the number of sheets of standard-sized paper that can be produced during some printing processes. For instance, if one wants to print a document of one page, the paper should be of the required size. If a page is to be printed in a matter of five pages, the desired size of the paper should be seven-teenths of a millimeter or one-hundredth of mm.

A0 to A5:

Generally speaking, the computer industry uses paper sizes called ‘a0’ through ‘a5’. However, when it comes to actual usage of computer printers, these paper sizes are ignored. Even the suppliers of printer ink cannot recommend different paper sizes for different printing jobs.

Standard Paper for Digital Printing: A4 paper in Dubai is the standard measurement for digital printing on photo paper. It is less than one-half inch in thickness. The standard A4 dimensions can be measured using a spreadsheet application or by measuring the distance between straight lines on a piece of regular paper. To obtain the dimensions in inches, multiply the figure by seven. For instance, a sheet of A4 paper having a thickness of a half inch will have a distance of thirty-six inches between straight edges. This measurement is in inches, hence the name ‘A4.’


A4 paper is available in three versions:

  • standard
  • preview
  • premium

It is available in standard A4 format from the manufacturers of adhesives and paper products. A4 paper has the following features: it is perforated to accommodate double-sided printing; it can be used for thermal transfer and for embossing; it can be easily combined with other products. A4 cards have a maximum surface area of 5.6 millimeters, which is slightly larger than the average surface area of an A4 sheet. It has an international quality mark of “IA” and meets or exceeds the specifications of the International Standard Organization. Premium A4 cards have a higher ratio of one to twenty and are more difficult to forge. A4 glossy white paper size is the latest design in office printing. It is fifteen percent less glossy than the standard version and about fifteen percent thicker. It looks just like regular printing paper.