Disc ridger – an amazing feature of the MF 375

MF tractors are available in reasonable price throughout the world but if we talk about MF 375 tractor price in Pakistan then it is around 1,356,600/- Rupees in total which is quite reasonable especially when we look at the features provide by this model tractor. This model also comes with other additional features which can be bought separately and one of the features is disc ridger. They are available to get according to the need of the farm in which you want to use this tractor. There are following amazing benefits of disc ridger:

These are made from the high duty pipe frame so they can be used in toughest of the fields. They are made out of durable material so that they can be used of longer time and it is less likely to break them while working with them in the field.

These discs are used and worked in pairs and cannot be mounted in a single form because the pairs need to work oppositely in order to provide more efficient and effective work. When they work oppositely then can cut any kind of land and ridges. 

Discs attached to the ridger are very important as they will allow the ridger to do its work more effectively and they help in penetrating deep in to the soil or any hard land. These discs also provide several other benefits that include crop sowing, watering crops and making boundaries even.

One of the best features of disc ridger is that it requires very low maintenance and despite the low needs of maintaining it provides amazing results in the field. It runs effectively without being so costly to the farmer. Many of the farmers are not rich and they get money out of what they sow and this feature will make it more desirable because it puts less pressure on the pocket of the farmer.

There are 2 to four discs are present in a disc ridger but the best thing is that the distance between them can be adjusted manually according to the need of the land or farm. These discs can also be used interchangeably and farmer can also use less discs rather than using all of them when there is no need to use them all while working.