Advantages of Mother feed

Milk is the thing that is needed by many of us at early age for growing up. There are many kinds of benefits of mother feeding, the benefit is two ways, not only the baby but it provides a lot of benefit to the mother as well. One of many benefits is that breast milk contains many and important anti-bodies. Breast feed is loaded with anti-bodies, these anti-bodies help the baby fight different viruses and bacteria at early and that is why it is recommended that babies must be fed with mother feed. Even though these bacteria and viruses doesn’t affect right at that time but they show signs at the growing age.

There are different types of diseases that may be prevented for feeding the baby with mother’s milk. It reduces the risk of having middle ear infections, this disease goes away when the baby is fed with mother’s feed for at least 3 or more months. It reduces the risk of preventing respiratory tract infections, this is the most common type of infection and it can be reduced when the baby is fed for more than 4 or more months. It also reduces the risk of getting cold and infections related to cold, there are many kids who catch a cold more often but if the kid is fed with mother’s feed for more than 6 or more months, then the kid won’t get cold at all, unless it is seasonal.

There are many kids who suffer from gut infection in the first week after being born. But if the kid is fed with mother’s feed for just 2 or months then this disease never comes back in the growing age. It also helps in reducing the damage of intestinal tissues. Since the whole body of the kid is vulnerable and the powered or formulated milk doesn’t suit to some babies and with mother’s feed, this damage can be prevented up to 60 percent. The most saddening disease is the sudden infant death syndrome, the disease roots are unknown but when the kid is fed the mother’s feed for just one month the chance of getting it reduces of 36 percent and when the kid is fed for one whole year, it completely vanishes. But you can always buy evaporated milk in Dubai and there many kinds of condensed milk manufacturers.